Welcome to Boston Menebere Leule Medhane Alem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church!
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Sunday Services:

Services Time
Matins 5:45AM
Baptism 6:20AM
Prayer of the covenant 7:45 AM
Divine Liturgy 7:00AM-10AM

Priest's Service Section:
1. To strengthen the internal service of the church

2.  If there are quarreled parties, to reconcile them by studying the causes for the problems and seeking solutions.

3.  To visit sick people in their places, pray for them and teach them Gospel.

4.  To conduct and perform praying absolution to those who passed away in accordance with the Ethiopian OrthodoxTewahedo church laws and rules.

5.  To issue certificates:
a.  When children (in 40 and 80 days) and adult are baptized,to state the date of baptismal, Christian name and name of parents and name of the baptizing priest in the I.D.

b.  When marriage is conducted for youth or elders in accordance with the churches law.

6. TO establish the Sunday school in the church.

7.  To teach liturgy or religious education during Sundays and other convenient days.

8.  To Follow, inform, keep and implement those enacted rules and directives issued by Holy Synod.

9.  To follow up any spiritual related matters, gives advisory services to the church’s administration.

10.To keep the church’s belief and procedure according to church’s law.